Pictures: Anon

I have been hunting the internet for inspirational images. Images that are thematically similar, but generate direction. There are very few images to be found… These images are a clear signpost for me. I like the feel, and the ripple they cause. The values of light and dark. The simplicity of composition. The profile is …


Andy: Seminar. 28th October 2013.

Andy: Seminar. 28th October 2013. November review point:  Do not forget… Mid November we need to try and get some prints out of the computer and on to the wall. OK to join other groups as an observer, and try and make Wednesday visiting lecturers. …Anna Mandietta @ the Hayworth… worth a look. Image lays …


Pieter Hugo

South African based photographer. Insightful, disturbing, and difficult imagery of the margins of African Society. “Hell” is the manipulation of the B&W channels to enhance the skin damage, and blemishes of the face. An inversion of the “airbrush.” A very impressive body of work. Observant, relevant, and insightful. The resulting portraits are the antithesis of …


Cindy Sherman

Self Portraiture, and the Conceptual Portrait. Sherman works in series, typically photographing herself in a range of costumes. To create her photographs, Sherman shoots alone in her studio, assuming multiple roles as author, director, make-up artist, hairstylist, wardrobe mistress, and model. Sherman is manipulating the viewer by manipulating herself to manipulate reality.  

Hiroshi Sugimoto

“Central to Sugimoto’s work is the idea that photography is a time machine, a method of preserving and picturing memory and time.” He creates beautifully crafted images, demonstrating a real control over the total process. Using 10×8 format and printing in the darkroom, he creates images of infinite shades of blacks and whites. His images …


Seminar: Tracy: 24th October 2013.

Seminar: Tracy: 24th October 2013. Deeper layer of portrait in order to unpick the person beneath. People to look at, and think about. Loretta Lux: Sally Mann: Proud Flesh series… endurance horse rider, and broke her back. Pierre & Gilles: Embellishment <   why are they, what for, and for whom. of the image as a …


Alexa Meade: Email: Continued

Having extensively researched the safety of using Acrylic paints on the face and body, I was left with deep concerns. I also ordred some “approved” body paint/ makeup from an approved maker, and found that the texture and finish was not what I was looking for. For the picture to look like a painting, it …


Chuck Close

“Since the late 1960s Chuck Close has been concentrating on portraiture and the human face in painting and photography and is one of the most celebrated artists working today. Close often takes his family and friends as models, making monumental and classical works that are both bold in their simplicity as well as intangible, since …


John Byrne

John Byrne: Scottish playwright and artist. Specialising in self portraits. Interesting, wonderful… use of light and the way the paint is applied. Light and Dark: Shadow and Sunlight.

Liquitex Acrylic Safety

Binney & Smith does not recommend any of our products be used to paint directly on the skin, including LIQUITEX acrylic paints. Products designed for this purpose require approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Liquitex products do not require this approval. Most Liquitex paints are certified non-toxic by the Art & Creative Materials Institute …