“Paint me as Rorschach” This proved to be a difficult painting job….  I did my best with making it all symmetrical, and the end result was a couple of excellent pictures.  

Sean Salyards

In researching photographers, I stumbled across Sean Salyards. He has written an interesting piece about his project “Acquaintances.” It resonates with my work.. in particular I understand his point that the portrait photograph is a social contract between the photographer and the subject.. but also similitude of all potential latent human interactions. The full text …


Critical Review: 11 March 2014: Tracy

Feedback: The idea of moving away from the sequential was positively received. Kartini expressed her view that this was a good change in direction. Tracy wanted more cropping and more detail. Some particular ones will need to be cropped to maintain the impact. The size of the final display was discussed. In general term big …