Alex Seminar. 26th February 2014

Alex is a “new” lecturer that is in to replace Andy.

The process of introducing her to the project was very interesting, and (probably) proved to absolutely invaluable.

Fresh eyes on the project with none of the “process” of creating the project to cloud any observations.

Alex was very positive towards all the concepts and ideas that are mixed up in this Chimera of a project. A number of issues were raised, and people to consider and look at were suggested. Verushka wand the book were mentioned… the fact that the book was in my possession and shown to her was a good thing.

Closed eyes won the day again…  an absolutley consistent preference amongst all viewers of the images from the project.

Title for the project: We discussed Chimera, and my current thought and preference for Disintegration… Her feeling were that something to do with layers would work better. I will ponder on layers…

How to display and present the finished work. Her suggestion and one that on reflection I absolutely positively think is a good idea is….. 5 images (or so) with no unfolding shown of the face. No before and after… just 5 very big images that are disturbing with the layers being revealed…

So the key when it comes to the selection of the final images will be… the most disturbing ones the better.

Below are the notes I made at the time of the seminar.

Alex: Seminar. 26th February 2014.

Dramaturgical theory:

Ideas presented to a “new” lecturer who has not seen the project unfold… So fresh eyes on the project.

The overall ideas that emerged was that a sequential set of images would/ might de-mystify the images. To present them non sequentially, and only say 5 at A0 size would be more disturbing….

That is an excellent point, and one I can relate to.

I talked about Whitewall as a final medium.. and that seemed to get positive results… The order is in for Whitewall, and we shall see how they turn out.