Alexa Meade: Email

My first problem is what to use for paint: I assumed Acrylic is being used, but not too sure. So, I emailed Alexa Meade in the hope of getting information and advice.

Paint used by Alexa Meade is… “nontoxic student grade acrylic paint”

Copies of Emails:

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Hi ladies,

I am a student at the University of Northampton, England, and I am in my third and final year. The bulk of my work has been portrait based, and your work is an inspiration for me in my final year major project.

I am going to attempt a similar idea to the body of work that you have created.

I see from looking at your website that you are using large tubs of body paint. What make are they? The paints that I have found on the internet are more suitable to small scale face painting rather than a much larger volume that would be required for “body” painting.

I would very much appreciate any help that you are able to provide.

Best regards,
Alisdair tait



Hi Alisdair,
Thanks for the kind words about our art. I love the Water pictures on your website!
We used nontoxic student grade acrylic paint. Make sure to check the label for any safety warnings!