Andy: Group Seminar. 11th November 2013.

Andy: Group Seminar. 11th November 2013.

A summation of the project to date was discussed and presented. It was generally better received than expected. The “featured image” proved a success.

Thoughts: The paint that I painted was considered good enough. The style was approved of. Despite my own misgivings. The processed image along with the very shallow depth of field a success. Holds possibilities and a possible direction to pursue.


Francis Bacon, and the process of life. People who wrestle with the complexities of life… the alcoholic, the drug addict. Out of a tortured soul erupts artistic genius. The creation of the chimera…

Bill Viola…

Ana Mendieta

Explore my own demons…  The fear of life and death, and the process of disappointment.

Removal of liquid from the paddling pool… is a problem. Suggestion made .. pond pump!  Like that idea… a solution.


Google Scholar: Research Tool for pop art, and photography, and intellectual basis for this work.