Andy: Seminar. 28th October 2013.

Andy: Seminar. 28th October 2013.

November review point:  Do not forget…

Mid November we need to try and get some prints out of the computer and on to the wall.

OK to join other groups as an observer, and try and make Wednesday visiting lecturers.

…Anna Mandietta @ the Hayworth… worth a look.

Image lays along a spectrum from on one end the German objectivists, to Francis Bacon at the other end.

Paint can be anything… pigments from the earth.

Point of freezing an action… The Kiss… is more than just a kiss, it is a statement regarding human-ness.

A hand is not just a hand; it can be a gesture that implies much more.

Problem of the online blog is to show, clearly my own thoughts, as opposed to the thoughts and words of other commentators.

An Idea suggested is to change font, or change colour to differentiate me myself, from others.

As a result I have decided to highlight my observations… where needed, is to be highlighted in blue.