“Paint me as Rorschach” This proved to be a difficult painting job….  I did my best with making it all symmetrical, and the end result was a couple of excellent pictures.  

Alex Seminar. 26th February 2014

Alex is a “new” lecturer that is in to replace Andy. The process of introducing her to the project was very interesting, and (probably) proved to absolutely invaluable. Fresh eyes on the project with none of the “process” of creating the project to cloud any observations. Alex was very positive towards all the concepts and …


Reflections, Thoughts and Next Steps

This week I have had a seminar with Kartini, and I presented my work to the “illuminare” group of fine art students st the University of Northampton. What was very revealing in constructing the PowerPoint, and then making the half hour talk was that the whole process forced me to step back and look at …



Early edits: My feeling is that I will need to stick to portrait crops for the portraits. Overall very pleased with the outcome of the shoot. Jaime is easy to work with, interacts with the camera comfortable and is willing to give her own direction and input to the shoot.