Chuck Close

“Since the late 1960s Chuck Close has been concentrating on portraiture and the human face in painting and photography and is one of the most celebrated artists working today. Close often takes his family and friends as models, making monumental and classical works that are both bold in their simplicity as well as intangible, since the images appear as if they have been viewed through a thick layer of glass or are rippling on the surface of water. In this way, the subjects of his paintings can seem like apparitions, dissolving and resolving when viewed from different distances.”

Paintings that are photo-realistic… the opposite of my proposed project..  photograph that looks like a painting, against a painting that looks like a photograph.

Multiple messages within the image. The identifiable becomes an apparition. Two dimensional photography of the painted three-dimensional space produces an unsettling imbalance. Melding the boundary between the subject and its surroundings, identity is confused and distilled nuances that shape space.

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