The latest set of images were taken with the deliberate intention of creating, firstly a “pretty” image., then degrading the surface to see what the effect would be. This was to take place in a bath, and ten liters of milk were used to fill the bath. The bath was used to simplify the filling and draining of the contents. The images taken in the water have proved to be the most “successful.” A different medium was used, again just to see what the effect would be,

So… we return to the liquid. This is also to move the project away from fashion, and towards an edgier finish.

In conversation late last week, I had the idea of removing the paint in strips…. remove the mask. Peel the paint away to reveal what was below. This process, I noticed tends to happen in water, and the paint and general finish degrades very quickly. I wanted to see what happens when the paint is stripped away deliberately.

The images below are a first pass crop in Photoshop.

I am very pleased with the images. They are what I had hoped they would be. I have recorded the mask, and the mask falling away to reveal the real person beneath.