Exhibition Problems and Solutions

The original idea I had in my head was to have each person displayed on the wall in a series of reveals. Starting as a series of four or five photographs with the fully painted subject, then moving through the process to the end image with little or no paint.

The advantage in that method of display is that the series is largely self explanatory. The downside is that I will have many small sized pictures, and the impact will be lost. If I want to confuse, and make demands on the viewer then I need them to attempt to deconstruct the image themselves. But I then lose the process.

Another feeling is that the images in isolation need some sort of text as explanation. A commentary on masks, and multiple social facades to place the image contextually, and academically.

The solution that I have come to is… “The Book.”

I plan to have 7 A1 images on the wall. Frustratingly it will probably have to be a mixture of Landscape and Portraits. But that is a work in progress… The exhibition will have a book to go with it. Three images per image on the wall. Start middle and end, that show the series that reflect the wall images.

I will have a page of text as an “explanation.”

By making a book I solve all problems, and enhance the final product.