Now that the photography is done, the images are away to print, it is time to think of how I am going to get my work “out there.”

First task is to ask… Gallery202 seemed like a good place to ask. So I emailed them.

They replied!


Dear Artist

Thank you for your application to become ‘featured artist’. This is a new exploration and we will be learning how to create exciting and informative monthly artists pages as we develop and grow along with our audience and participants.

The artist page is a window for you to tell others exactly what it is that interests you and how it informs your choices when creating your work. You might like to think about your research and in some way incorporate this in the text. If you are involved with other projects, please feel free to share this too along with any urls you may have or specific links with places/people/www.

Please send us;

10 images

In a Jpeg format, 1000 pixels along the longest edge at 300dpi.

Audio pieces up to a 3 minute duration access via Soundcloud link may be submitted.

Film pieces up to 1minute in duration and accessible via YouTube or Vimeo


The word limit is your decision and sent as a PDF or Word Doc.

For the page to be refreshed each month and on time for each artist jpegs, text etc. should be mailed to at least a week prior to your featured month, e.g. if you are being featured in January we would want your images no later than the 23rd of December.

If we have not received them on time there may be some delay with you being featured on time.

Many thanks and we look forward to presenting your work.

Kind regards Gallery202