GHOSTS: A link to the past.

Project Idea for year three: Based on the ideas of time, change, landscape, and change within the landscape.

The UK has a wonderful archive collection of 2WW images of the Blitz, and the war around the UK. East Anglia in particular has a rich history of multiple RAF, and USAF airfields that have now almost all returned to farmland. The bulk of good images would seem to center on the war and London. So failing workable archive images of East Anglian Airfields, I would photograph London, and the effects of war, time and change.

Idea is to search out those “old” images of the war. At the best resolution possible, and then return to the “exact” spot and photograph that same image today. Then with all images in the digital sphere, merge one image over the other. This will show the passage of time and change visually.

In researching for this project ~I have come up with a number of examples of this type of work.

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