Gilly Photo Shoot: Geisha Girl

This is my interpenetration and recording of the disintegration of her mask “geisha.”

The process is easier to control, and I am much quicker in the setting up and the photography of the process. Whilst the process is fundamentally chaotic and random. I now do have some sense of where the shoot is going.

The set is inverted… not too sure why. So we start at the end and move to the beginning.

_AMT8351 _AMT8472 _AMT8471 _AMT8470 _AMT8469 _AMT8468 _AMT8467 _AMT8466 _AMT8465 _AMT8464 _AMT8463 _AMT8462 _AMT8461 _AMT8460 _AMT8459 _AMT8458 _AMT8457 _AMT8456 _AMT8455 _AMT8454 _AMT8453 _AMT8452 _AMT8451 _AMT8450 _AMT8449 _AMT8448 _AMT8447 _AMT8446 _AMT8445 _AMT8444 _AMT8443 _AMT8442 _AMT8441 _AMT8440 _AMT8439 _AMT8438 _AMT8437 _AMT8436 _AMT8435 _AMT8434 _AMT8433 _AMT8432 _AMT8431 _AMT8430 _AMT8429 _AMT8428 _AMT8427 _AMT8426 _AMT8425 _AMT8424 _AMT8423 _AMT8422 _AMT8421 _AMT8420 _AMT8419 _AMT8418 _AMT8416 _AMT8415 _AMT8414 _AMT8413 _AMT8411 _AMT8410 _AMT8409 _AMT8407 _AMT8406 _AMT8405 _AMT8404 _AMT8403 _AMT8402 _AMT8401 _AMT8400 _AMT8399 _AMT8398 _AMT8397 _AMT8396 _AMT8395 _AMT8394 _AMT8393 _AMT8392 _AMT8391 _AMT8390 _AMT8389 _AMT8388 _AMT8387 _AMT8386 _AMT8385 _AMT8384 _AMT8383 _AMT8382 _AMT8381 _AMT8380 _AMT8379 _AMT8378 _AMT8377 _AMT8376 _AMT8375 _AMT8374 _AMT8373 _AMT8372 _AMT8371 _AMT8370 _AMT8369 _AMT8368 _AMT8367 _AMT8366 _AMT8365 _AMT8364 _AMT8363 _AMT8362 _AMT8361 _AMT8360 _AMT8359 _AMT8358 _AMT8357 _AMT8356 _AMT8355 _AMT8354 _AMT8353 _AMT8352