Is wearing make-up a ‘betrayal’?

Mail Online: 11 October 2013

A set of before and after photos that show the dramatic difference between a woman with and without make-up have sparked an internet debate about cosmetics.

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Posted by make-up artist Povilas Staniulionis, the images, simply captioned: ‘Make-up. That’s it,’ show a bare-faced woman with acne scars and shiny skin, and then her transformation after putting on make-up, with thicker eyebrows, flawless looking skin and a seemingly thinner face.

Some internet users labeling make-up in general a ‘betrayal’ because it hides a woman’s true self.

One commentator initiated the war of words when he wrote: ‘The left is uglier than the right, but beauty is subjective. The right is her wearing a (figurative and literal) mask.’

He then went on to accuse the woman in the photo of disguising her insecurities with cosmetics.

‘The girl in the photo is apparently not satisfied with the way she looks without makeup,’ he said, ‘and uses makeup to artificially portray a person more people would find attractive.’