Jonathan Adolphe

Jonathan Adolphe’s mixed media portraits are a hybrid of painting and photography that address the profound effects of memory and absence. Using powdered graphite, wax, enamel and oil paint, Adolphe creates an atmospheric space, a distance between us and the image, that forces us to find a meaning in the gestures, the face, to find out, work out what’s going on. It is a silence made visual. An ongoing question that we are left to answer. His portraits are so evocative, have a deep yearning, for what we shall never know. What we do know however is that these enigmatic portraits are charged with an emotional depth and are beautiful to look at, to contemplate.

Deep powerful imagery. Beautifully crafted, and expertly presented. They have real depth, and perception of the sitter, and artist alike.


bumps Jonathan-Adolphe-portrait mixed-media woman