Kartini: Seminar 6 May 2014

A1 print picked up, and on balance that is the size that I will go for. Space is limited, as is the budget… 7 A0 Whitwall prints will cost a four figure sum… So A1 it will be.

I went through my thoughts for the hanging plan for the final exhibition.

My plan is a result of a collection of images that don’t necessarily suit a portrait layout. One or two images definitely need a landscape format. I also have an odd number of pictures, and that imposes restrictions on the combinations of portrait and landscape images.

With two landscape I am left with an odd number of portrait pictures, and that will not work with the balance in the space. Three landscape images will provide an even number of portrait images but leaves an odd number for landscape…

After much fiddling about, and reworking of one or two photographs, I decided that the best compromise was to go with one landscape, centrally placed, leaving three portrait images to go either side.

I chatted with Kartitni, and showed her my selected images, and apart from one image she agreed with every thing that I proposed! We debated the merits of the offending image, and possible alternatives and came to good decision. As usual I need to keep my inclination to select the “pretty” picture under check.

So… Decisions made and finalised.

7 A1 pictures. 6 portrait, and one landscape. Wall layout broadly made, but will be finalised at the hanging stage.

Accompanying book to explain and provide process and context.

Project name…  Deconstruction