More thoughts on direction: The Avatar.

Having had the weekend to reflect on the events of last week, and the project, it is time to regroup.

My initial instinct is to stomp off in anger and frustration. However now that the dust has settled, and I have had a few sleepless nights, I need to reset some directions.

In no particular order, and in no particular hierarchy of importance.. some thoughts scribbled into the blog. All in the hope of grasping a strong (er) academic foundation to the photography and the project in general.

Images are an exploration of self. What is it to be “me.” Not the individual me, but me in a plural sense. What is an identity? How is it created and generated…to what extent is the picture we present to the world a constructed illusion?

The illusion is a mask that is presented to the outside world. It can also be a mask that we present to ourselves.. hiding ourselves from an avoided reality.

The projection of an “avatar.”

Avatar:  An incarnation. A graphical representation of the user or the user’s alter ego.

The avatar can be a mask that we present to the world….It is a mask that we present to the world. A virtual, or a real world alter ego.

Identity is a constructed composite. An avatar. The avatar is a fiction, and a construct. It is an illusion.

The Avatar is the mask. The mask is an Avatar.

Uses of the mask/avatar…

Misdirection.. confused perceptions. Mixed identities. Confused realities.

What happens when the mask slips… what happens as we age.

-> What is behind the mask?

Can we collapse the illusion?