Musings Part II.

Musings Part III.

Ideas to work on, think on and let the subconscious get to grips with.

Head partially submerged in the water… the paint dissolving into the water. Black liner to the water container…

Video of the model slowly sinking into the water…

Video of the model slowly rising out the water… or a loop of the pair.

Birth.. Death? Re-Birth.. The cycle of life

Birth…  the creation of life.

Death… the cessation of life.

Birth=   Light…White..                                   Milk

Death= Dark..    Black. Shadows                   Black Water

How can the paint reflect birth death, and transition?

Birth… Pink? White..

Death.. Black & Blood…

3 images linking to the next three. Rising and sinking in an endless cycle of life.

I think this has legs.