Gilly Photo Shoot: Geisha Girl

This is my interpenetration and recording of the disintegration of her mask “geisha.” The process is easier to control, and I am much quicker in the setting up and the photography of the process. Whilst the process is fundamentally chaotic and random. I now do have some sense of where the shoot is going. The …


Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott, Is a Painter and post modernist Photographer, He started off as a painter then became a photographer. He then combined the two disciplines. As you can see from the image below, he rejected the rules of modernism and composed the image unconventionally.  Mixing media to create a new version of reality…Or… making an …


Post Modernism

The body of work that comprises the Chimera project, without conscious direction from me, has fallen into the category of Post Modernism. It is therefore important that I better understand what both modernism, and post modernism is. Photography is a modern form of image making, contributing to the development of modernism. Modernist photography captures the …


Cindy Sherman Revisited

Instead of painting other people, Cindy Sherman paints herself. Her work resonates with my own on many levels. Masquerading as a myriad of characters, Cindy Sherman invents personas and tableaus that examine the construction of identity, the nature of representation, and the artifice of photography. To create her images, she assumes the multiple roles of …



“Paint me as Rorschach” This proved to be a difficult painting job….  I did my best with making it all symmetrical, and the end result was a couple of excellent pictures.  

Sean Salyards

In researching photographers, I stumbled across Sean Salyards. He has written an interesting piece about his project “Acquaintances.” It resonates with my work.. in particular I understand his point that the portrait photograph is a social contract between the photographer and the subject.. but also similitude of all potential latent human interactions. The full text …