Printing Decisions

My first thoughts on printing was to use a heavy watercolour type paper, and mount the heavy paper on a solid wooden board. The thinking behind this idea was to emulate the canvas/ painting feel to the photographs. I examined a number of heavy papers, and planned to do a series of experimental print runs and go from there.

The second idea, and this idea ran concurrently was to mount the images behind acrylic, and go for the high quality, high detail (expensive) solution. I sent off a selection of photographs to be printed behind acrylic and upon seeing the result was more than happy with that solution.

I did a number of test prints onto various papers, and concluded that the acrylic was the way forward.

I have used a German Company in the past to print the acrlic. I used it last year for the Tokyo Vending Machine project. Those pictures were very successful, and as a result I had more than enough confidence in proceeding again with the German Company.

I use “Whitewall.” This link is to their UK site.

I use the ‘Direct Print behind acrylic.’


The prints are not cheap. However, you only get one end of degree show… so I bought the bullet and went for 7 A1 prints.