Reflections, Thoughts and Next Steps

This week I have had a seminar with Kartini, and I presented my work to the “illuminare” group of fine art students st the University of Northampton.

What was very revealing in constructing the PowerPoint, and then making the half hour talk was that the whole process forced me to step back and look at the project with fresh eyes. In the doing so, and in the answering of the questions from non photographers, I more clearly see weaknesses and strengths and (hopefully) solutions going forward.

I am still very comfortable with the general concept and underpinning of the project. However when seen through other eyes, or my fresh eyes, there definitely exist weaknesses.

The major problem is that the people photographed are too homogeneous. I need more than three pretty girls. I absolutely have to get away from that stereotypical format. A format that I am easily drawn to as I like pretty things…

The next step has to be: Male and older, and or both.

The removal of the mask to reveal lined and damaged middle aged skin will add to contrasts. A positive plus to the project.

An additional plan generated by Jaime… The plan would be for her to paint me..! I have spoken to Laura and she has agreed to take the pictures. That should be a very interesting twist, and addition.