Seminar: 10 December 2013: Kartini

With the shoot from a few days earlier, and the negative feedback from Kartini towards the back end of last week, It was with some trepidation I went armed with new images, and a new direction to this seminar.

The “disintegration” set of images was very positively received. In truth it went better than I had dared hope. I was pleased with the -disturbance- of the successful images. They are arresting, and surreal.

Conclusion: I have direction. The conceptual vehicle of the beautiful mask, degrading and collapsing to alow a glimpse of what hides, and lies beneath.

I have found over the last three years of the degree that if you keep working the problem, grind out the project in a positive and conscious manner, eventually the subconscious has a chance to also work the problem and it finds a pathway to a solution.

Things that now need to be solved going forward.

  • Find three more models: The project needs more variation of faces. One was hard enough three is going to a challenge.
  • Find three more painterly ideas: Research, research research….
  • Begin to think about video… this project needs video.

Two males, one female?

To keep the academic foundations of the project on track, two books have been ordered from Amazon…

  • Mirrors and Windows: American Photography since 1960: John Szarkowkski
  • The Photograph: A Strange, Confined Space: Mary Price