Seminar: Kartini. 7th January 2014.

Seminar: Kartini. 7th January 2014.

Images received in a muted manor. So that is disappointing. Kartini response was very muted, and did not like red fingernails or red lips…I currently fail to understand that dislike. It may be to do with the Stephanie images being less surreal, and more “real.” However the subject was painted how she wished to be painted, and was part of an agenda to look very painterly, and mix realities up to the maximum. It was an intent to take a reality… as I pointed out.. with blue hair… and then disassemble that facade.

But mostly liked, and approved of.


>Fantastical seems to be good.

>The idea of how the person wants to be painted has legs.  .. as in Struan and Rorsache face.

>Close crop was well-received…so maybe first image a general take, and then the mask removal needs one close crop.

>The images with hands are important…  they seem to signify mood.