Seminar: Tracy: 24th October 2013.

Seminar: Tracy: 24th October 2013.

Deeper layer of portrait in order to unpick the person beneath.

People to look at, and think about.

Loretta Lux:

Sally Mann: Proud Flesh series… endurance horse rider, and broke her back.

Pierre & Gilles: Embellishment <   why are they, what for, and for whom. of the image as a portrait. “Gothic Camp.”

Bettin Von Zwehl:

David Lachapelle:

Anastasia Lind:

Calum Colvin

Brothers Quay: Street of Crocodile Tears… etc

Contemporary Japanese Art: Illustration….  Think hard about composition.

Savlon, oil free barrier cream. Natural Latex..?

Theater Makeup: The Works… near the Pink Elephant pub.