Thoughts on the Final Images

The seven, in the order that they will be hung

._AMT8402-A1    I managed to get a different angle on this image, and I need a fully painted image to set the left hand side of the exhibition. This is the stand out image from the set. Bones.. bones. It s all about the bones..          

  _AMT6293-A1 This image of Laura was always the strongest. Despite working and re-working her set, I kept coming back to this one.  It is not an ideal image. The milk has turned grey, and lacks texture, but the image has a raw gritty feel to it that gives it energy. In the end the grit wins out over technical perfection.

_AMT7685A-1The red was an experiment that gave dramatic effect to the image. The open red eyes focused on the viewer, the fragmented mask, and the white eye lashes made the decision.

_AMT7987-a1 Katherine is too close. The viewers place in the exchange is too intimate. An uncomfortable, disturbing image that gets to the place that I sought out from day one. Very pleased with this.

_AMT7519-A1 Me. Sore eyes, tired and had enough.

_AMT6845-A1 I have plenty of beautiful, nice and easy images of Jaime. This one is fractured. The eye is unnatural and is not an easy read. The bottom lip and the broken painted reflection make this the one for the wall.

_AMT6471A-1  There is a serenity to this picture that I absolutely adore.  Her mask of femininity is half removed to expose a calm beauty beneath. A keeper, and my entry in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait prize.